The BEING Entrepreneur

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An inside-out approach to entrepreneurship


There are plenty of get-rich-quick entrepreneur trainings out there. It’s easy to get seduced by the promise of “6 figure incomes”, or “Best-selling author” or “Acclaimed speaker”. After all this is what society expects from us.

However what the worlds NEEDS from us is something very different.

Are you also longing to bring more of who we are into the work you do, to use your unique gifts and talents to make a meaningful difference in the world, and ultimately, to realize your full human potential?

Then you have come to the right place!

The way of the BEING Entrepreneur

My story is not one of 6-figure incomes or best selling authorship. Instead it’s an honest account of my experience living on purpose and committing to my vision.

It’s about slowly letting go of traditional success measures and embracing a more sustainable & empowering way to stay on track. It’s a story about turning pain and frustration into some of the most creative & fulfilling projects.

And ultimately it’s a story about stepping into my own full human potential.

What's your BEING entrepreneur dream?

Let's make it happen.


7 lessons in the first 3 years of Being Entrepreneurship

In 2010 I left a good position in a well established company to follow an ambitious dream. At the 3 year mark I took a step back to reflect on what I had learnt. Although at that point there were still many unknowns, there are also many valuable insights I had gained along the way.


Creation of the Being Entrepreneur program

The blueprint of the Being Entrepreneur program was first created in 2015 together with two fellow entrepreneurs: Raquel Ark and Chris Monk. We felt passionate about developing a program that supports the first 12 months of an entrepreneurial journey and wanted to offer a true alternative to the many “get rich quick” type of initiatives out there.


About Mark Vandeneijnde

Mark Vandeneijnde is the co-founder of a global assessment and coaching organization, BEING at Full Potential.

In this role he helps leaders (in business, non profits and government) access and unlock the full HUMAN potential of their organizations.

Much of this work requires translating the new, emerging organizational paradigms into concrete, relevant and easy to understand solutions for the realities of today’s executives.

As an innovator, bridging these two worlds, Mark has learnt some very valuable lessons about what it takes to succeed as a BEING entrepreneur and is keen to share this with others who have chosen to walk the path of their heart.