Chronicles of the Being Entrepreneur

7 lessons in the first 3 years of Being Entrepreneurship

In 2010 I left a good position in a well established company to follow an ambitious dream. At the 3 year mark I took a step back to reflect on what I had learnt. Although at that point there were still many unknowns, there are also many valuable insights I had gained along the way.


Creation of the Being Entrepreneur program

The blueprint of the Being Entrepreneur program was first created in 2015 together with two fellow entrepreneurs: Raquel Ark and Chris Monk. We felt passionate about developing a program that supports the first 12 months of an entrepreneurial journey and wanted to offer a true alternative to the many “get rich quick” type of initiatives out there.


Heart in Business research film

More and more people acknowledge the importance of "HEART" in business but we often misunderstand what this really means. Therefore the potential of the "HEART" remains underutilized in many organizations. The following video is a summary of the research I have done over the last year. It serves to put some meat on this broad and fuzzy topic. My hope is that it opens a conversation on how more "HEART" can concretely benefit your organization. Thank you for taking a couple of mins of your time to watch this short but important film.

The CEO's Transformational Journey

This film tells the story of a CEO the night before delivering an important speech to his organization. His business is declining and he has run out of answers. It's time to face reality, but where to go from here? Rather than spend the night in the office trying to "figure it out", he decides to step out into the night where a series of unexpected encounters open up new inspiration and help him re-connect with the passion he felt earlier on in his career.