Becoming a Being Entrepreneur


  • More and more people are feeling called to live their life purpose and claim their unique gifts in order to make a difference in the world

  • Like never before, the world needs us to step up, unlock our creativity and bring into form new solutions for a sustainable future

  • However, these new ideas often challenge the status quo and therefore adoption can be slow leading to frustration, disillusionment and often a reluctant return to “business as usual”

It’s not our ideas and intentions that are wrong! It’s how we go about bringing them to life that we need to work on!

During this 12-month program we combine deep inner work with playful experimentation and rapid prototyping in order to:

  1. Uncover and claim our unique contribution to the world

  2. Craft a compelling proposition that fully integrates our talents and life experiences

  3. Look at the world through the lens of our target audience

  4. Work through the fears and limiting beliefs

  5. Set expectations and define success in a way that supports a long term commitment to the work

The hero's journey

The Being Entrepreneur Hero's Journey

Benefits of the 12 months program

  • You will achieve significant inner breakthroughs that will help you see beyond the current constraints and challenges in your life & business

  • You will “connect the dots” of your life experiences and gain clarity on how they have set you up for bringing a very unique product or service to the world

  • You will co-create this proposition with your target audience and learn how to continue fine-tuning it into a viable business model

  • You will be surrounded by fellow Being Entrepreneurs who support and encourage you to stretch the edges of your comfort zone

  • You will have gained the resilience, resources and confidence to remain grounded in your calling for the long term

Course outline

Module 1: Build momentum

  • Introductions & creating the space

  • Our diversity story: honouring our past experiences

  • Translating our story into an entrepreneurial idea

  • Fieldwork

  • Review learnings from fieldwork

Module 2: Listen & collaborate

  • Who do we wish to serve?

  • Prepare research on target audience

  • Fieldwork

  • Review learnings from fieldwork

Module 3: Intention & surrender

  • Step into the unknown as we are being called to create something new

  • Who are we being called to BE, what are we being called to DO?

  • Fieldwork

  • Review learnings from fieldwork

Module 4: Create the path by walking it

  • Developing the “pitch”

  • Identify potential customers and develop the “pitch plan”

  • Fieldwork

  • Review learnings from fieldwork

Module 5: Bigger picture & limitless possibilities

  • Integrating our discoveries & fine-tuning our proposition

  • Fieldwork

  • Review learnings from fieldwork

NB: Each module consists of:

  • 4 weeks group work

  • 4 weeks fieldwork

  • 2 weeks presentation fieldwork learnings

  • Peer coaching & mentoring